Liz vs. Ani

13 May, 2020

The star cat takes on the Earthling bunny. Who will be the victor?

My first real experiment with colors. The sketch itself took a day to finish, but the colors took me a week. I was so hesitant to add anything.


5/06/2020 - 5/13/2020

Image 1:
As you can see, things weren't looking too good at the beginning. Almost made me want to quit outright. However, the potential this piece drove me to push onward.

Image 2:
After a quick 10 minute rework days later, I managed to improve on the first iteration by a significant amount. At that point, I was determined to see this project through. The sketch marks were replaced with clear cut lines and it began to look like the end product.

Image 3:
The next step was to give a nice contour and permanently cement how it would look. I was very hesitant at first, but I convinced myself it had to be done at some point. It would never get done if I continue making change after change.

Image 4:
Adding a bit of fluff and fur to the drawing helped tremendously. Gave the characters more dimension and roughness. I also finished the text up top, meaning I had to move on to the characters. Liz was easy since her design was prexisting. Ani however was still undetermined. After tinkering around with photocopies, I managed to pick colors I liked best and stuck with that. And wouldn't you know it, things turned out okay.