Ardin - Homeworld of the Riutari

2 July 2021

Impossibly far from Earth, in a galaxy much like our own, orbits a little turquoise marble round a violet sun. Under a brilliant rose-colored sky lie denim tinted forests and fiery sand beaches. An ocean that spreads as far as the eye can see crashes ashore with the tide. Cities that sprawl across the land shimmer in the night sky. Ardin is home to the Riutari, a humanoid felidae species. It's people stand as one of the most eminent species in all creation. Their technology and biology defy comprehension. And while their population spans across dimensions, many still remain on this tiny little world they call home.

I started this project back in May while still burnt out, and never finished. I wanted to draw today, but couldn't find the drive to start something new. Since this was so close to completion, I decided I would see it through. Here it is, the birthplace of Ani Lakiyari. I wanted to expand upon the "universe" of the Shimmerspace project without having to do so in comic form. I'll probably do stuff like this more often. Gives me an excuse to write more novelized descriptions >:3

Next bit of worldbuilding will probably be a species description, or maybe another planet. Who knows? Anywho, hope you like it and have a good one!