Tranquil Euphoria

28 June 2022

The morning sun shines bright on the planet Ardin. Anita relaxes alone high in the Serrat mountains. Far off in the valley below is the Riutari capital city of Kalaydo and the lake Tanilang farther north. The denim blue forests span as far as the eye can see, gently swaying in the breeze that passes these slopes.

I finally did something I promised myself I wouldn't do. I made yiff. Even if softcore as hell, I imagine it still qualifies. A lot of emotion went into this piece, and I'm glad to finally start seeing what my art style is converging to. The hair and face bother me the most, so those are areas I need to focus on. Can't help but feel as Anita does here.


I tried experimenting with harsh lighting, and I would like to think I did pretty well for a first attempt. Eyeballing the shading was not easy, and I completely gave up with the hair. The background went through a few renditions before I stuck with this one. Avoided any genitalia because I didn't need to, nor did I really want to. Maybe I'll take a crack at it at a later date.