11 March 2024

This is Mayari's immediate family in a portrait that was painted when she was a kid some 300 odd years ago. On the left is her father, the stern leopard archangel, Batala Lumkang. To the right is the pompous angel cougar, Zara Buteri. And next to her is her twin sister Tala Mayabalos. Mayari insisted on wearing her flightsuit as she is rather proud of achieving such a high rank being so young. Though, it's mostly thanks to the rigorous training her father puts her through.

Way overdue on finishing this. Busy on other big big things but I wanted to do something fun. Super happy with the shading, with the exception of Tala's dress. Really wish I could do more but at some point I was wasting too much time on it. Also went with some more fractal fashion in the form of an apollonian pendant. It's probably the family crest or something. Zara is definitely my favorite of the four (those ruffles hit different). It was something of a fashion experiment as well as shading. Wanted to mash up different styles and eras to see what happens. The left two are clearly in need of a revamp in that department. Comment is invited. Anyways, I'm back to the grind. Take care, yall!