Hime To Jagā 姫とジャガー

20 July 2021

To the girl who belives in me even when I don't. Who has been there for me during hard times. Who continues to cheer me on. I love you. And though fate wills us apart, I will always treasure my memories with you.

I was hit with a sudden inspiration to make art of me and a very close friend. Seeing as we watched BNA together and cherish that memory, I thought it would only be fitting that we would sit atop a hill under the moonlight, staring off to Anima City. Hope yall like it.

I made a song to go with it as well. Tried to match the synthy sound of BNA, while also keeping things unique to the drawing. Each character is represented by an instrument. The synthy sound for the jaguar from space, and the earthly piano for the fox. I wanna experiment with sound like this more for Shimmerspace related stuff.


Always wanted to record my entire drawing process, but never remembered to do it. This time would be different, and I thought it might be interesting to someone. Figured it might answer some questions as to how I do 'this' or 'that'. As you can tell from the video, I'm a bit of a spastic. Even when recording, I could tell that I was jumping back and forth across the drawing.