A Light Trim

6 October 2021

Ani helps her friend Lexi out with some fur care.

So, it's been a ding dong month and I haven't done diddly squat. My secret project is nowhere near completion (it was harder than I thought it would be, go figure). I really pushed myself with this thing though. Took me a week to get done. A little slice of life fun while I try and get myself to work on more cool stuff. I'll try to get a spooky season themed piece out before the end of the month. Cheers!


I said I was disappointed in the quality of work I had been putting out, and I meant it. My self-expectations are too high for what I can realistically produce, but this is more inline with that I'm wanting to make. I feel lighting is the key to making any of this stuff look good, so here I experimented like crazy. Seems it payed off, somewhat. I need to study more if I want to improve though.

My eye for detail is rather lacking, I think. I can draw a scene, but it takes an extraordinary effort on my part to envision the lighting, the colors, the shadows. Reflections, creases in clothing, and so many other things that truly bring a drawing to life seem to elude me. In the two years I've been at this, I still struggle with something that seems so basic on the surface. I want that to change, though.